Justin Q. Williams​

Justin Q. Williams

A room is nothing but a fantastic conversation with several different viewpoints, and each matters. I feel that each piece in this collection adds to the conversation in its own way to create a mind-blowing space. Family is, of course, very important to me, and each piece is inspired by the personality or characteristic of the individual it’s named after. For instance, The Jessie Sectional, named after my grandfather, represents the quintessential gentleman who is well put-together and stylish. Alon is my huge standard poodle, his color is reflective of the console with classic accents of gold just like the accents of his collar. The Van Chair, named after my father, is minimal yet classic, and the Crystal Chair, named after my mother, represents someone who is the life of the party and extremely charismatic. These pieces were developed from a dream that I’ve had for a very long time and I’m so thankful that the world can now take part in that dream becoming a reality.