Nile Johnson​

Nile Johnson

A neutral palette with diverse potential, my collection for TOV comprises three stylish staples. Essential pieces for all homes of any size. Inspired by and named after each of my three children, Abreeyah (Abby), Jibriyah (Brie), & Makai, this collection is my love letter to them. Like most children who are adopted out of foster care, they spent a lot of time living in different places before finding a forever home. Nothing was permanent or certain for them except uncertainty. And to dream of anything beyond that was unthinkable. So each piece, a stylish staple for any home, represents the permanency of our union. The bed, with its dramatic headboard and wing profiles, emphasizes that finally, they have a bed of their own. The sofa, with its angled sides representing out-stretched arms waiting for a hug, is the perfect place to have movie-night snuggles as a family. And the console, representing stability and dependability, will greet them at the door, and house their copy of the key to their forever home, forever.